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Best Seven (7) Makeup tips for Beginners!!

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To help share these awesome Makeup tips for beginners, we contacted the top makeup artists on our list. We also recommend some makeup tools that suit these tips. After separating the been-there-done-that from the trying-that-immediately—we present our findings below;

MOISTURIZE– The first step in a transformation is prepping your face. Moisturize before putting on makeup. Rub in your moisturizer lightly with your fingertips to help wake up the skin and bring your natural color to the surface. Below are a few moisturizers available for you from trusted brands;

DO YOUR EYES FIRST– Apply concealer and foundation after making up your eyes. “No matter how fabulous you are at applying shadow, some will drop underneath”. For a quick fix, dab a cotton swab with some moisturizer and run it under your eyes to remove any fallen shadow.

LINE YOUR EYES– To make your eyes appear bigger, run eyeliner around the outside of the rim to widen them; if you have a wider eye, then run the liner on the inside of the rim.

CONCEAL – Conceal any dark under-eye circles and blemishes by strategically dabbing the foundation on those spots. You don’t need a full face of foundation to do so.

FULL LIPS – If you are not born with full luscious lips, you can still fake it. We recommend using a lip-liner that matches your own lip color to round out your lips in a natural way. Then, apply a dab of gloss to the center of your bottom lip to make your lips look fuller.

CHEEKS – Add your favorite blush to the cheeks before you apply foundation for a glow that looks like it’s coming from beneath the skin. Or apply two shades of blush for the perfect flush of youth. Pink, or anything in the red family should be applied on the apple of the cheek to give the effect of blood coming to the surface. Peach, coral, or anything in the orange family should be applied to the highest point of the cheekbone to give the effect of heat rising.

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CLEAN YOUR MAKEUP BRUSH/TOOLS – Creamy products like foundation and eyeliner build up in your makeup tools, and brush cleansers, soap, and shampoo don’t always get it all out. Instead, use a tool spray to disinfect your makeup tools. Extra credit: Comb through the brush with a fine-tooth comb to remove even more product and for a perfect makeup finishing.

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