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Bookkeeping For Fashion Businesses (Online Video Course)

If Fashion businesses were getting a 2million Naira Grant on presentation of their books of account, would you receive the Grant? What PROFIT did you make last month in your fashion business? This Course is for every fashionpreneur; whether buying and selling fashion items or making bespoke fashion pieces or making ready-to-wear fashion items. You will learn to do the bookkeeping of your fashion business by yourself. Without bookkeeping, you cannot know how well your business is doing and it is extremely difficult to improve what you do not measure.

How To Pay Yourself As A Business Owner (E-Book)

In this E-Book by Accountinghub, you will be taught everything you need to know about paying yourself as a business owner.

Payroll Management and the Business of It (Online Video)


In this online video course by Accounting Hub, you will be taught how to make professional-looking payslips, build a payroll template from scratch, make payroll and tax computations, confidently navigate the numeric parts of payroll, have good knowledge of payroll regulations and understand how to earn no less than N300k monthly, from a payroll-business.

This is a beginner-level course. Every accountant or HR-professional, experienced or not, is able to follow along.

Data-Entry Beginners Course (Online Video)


In this online video course by Accounting Hub, you will be taught how to become a highly-sought-after data-entry service provider.

This is a beginner-level course so an accounting background is not mandatory. However, you need some above-secondary-education level, ability to use a computer and a hunger to launch a side hustle or even full hustle, with the skills learnt.

The ABC of Bookkeeping for Cake-Making & Baking Businesses (E-Book)

In this 39-page E-Book by Accountinghub, you will learn how to use a free accounting software to do the bookkeeping for your cake-making & baking business.