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New Foundation alert!T.W.O.K!


Have you tried the new trending foundation TWOK?!!


The Woman Of Kolor (TWOK) is a London based cosmetics company that offers a wide range of awesome products for women of color. Their products are innovative, trendy, safe and of the highest quality. The company was founded by a Nigerian pharmacist who believes that makeup is a powerful accessory, a well being enhancer and personality courier that everyone should have access to regardless of their skin tone or ethnicity.

With TWOK flawless filter foundation, you will experience;

  • A flawless full coverage.
  • A matte finish that perfects, balances and smooths the skin without masking your  true color.
  • A radiant, airbrushed effect with zero chalkiness.

Read some of the amazing reviews from bloggers/beauty influencers that have tried T.W.O.K Foundation!

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Oluwayemisi Shawnte

Oluwayemisi Shawnte(@oluwayemisi_s)- Beauty blogger/influencer – ”A lot of people ask me for good foundations to recommend and this has got to be one of it going forward!”

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Kelechi Anthonia Mgbemena

Kelechi Anthonia Mgbemena (@kelechick_m) – Blogger and beauty influencer – “Twok foundation gives a matte finish with a velvety feel, and does not oxidize so you are certain of getting the same shade/color finish. “I wore it for 8 hours without blotting, however this may or may not vary depending on you skin type”.

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Lydia Stanley

Lydia Stanley(@lhidhiastanley)- Makeup artist/beauty influencer – “Twok foundation is light weight and has a good amount of coverage”

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Bregha Beauty

Bregha Beauty(@bregha) – Makeup artist/beauty influencer – “This foundation is perfect for oily skin as it dries to a matte finish and is very lightweight. Also, sweaty girl friendly with minimal transfer”.

Twok flawless filter foundation is available on or you can call us on 08179224062  or click on the link below to place your order!

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