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Rubellite Cosmetics Eyeshadow Royalty Palette

Rubellite royalty eye shadow palette  is highly pigmented with great texture. It is easy to apply with 15 colors to create eye magic

Ruba Beauty Divine Stars Eyeshadow Palette

Ruba Beauty’s “Divine Stars Eyeshadow is a highly pigmented 12-shade all-in-one eyeshadow palette with transition, shimmer and warm and mauve shade. It is a blend-able high shimmer formula that effortlessly creates an an amazing combination of  day or night time looks using one eye shadow palette.

Labelle Makeup So Lush Eyeshadow Palette

The Labelle So Lush Palette contains rich and pigmented shades which compliment each other and are easy to blend for that perfect look!

Labelle Makeup Magnifique Eyeshadow Palette

15 Super pigmented eyeshadow shades at a go! This palette has been created to be versatile as well as provide colour payoff with little application.

Hegai & Esther Stay True Eyeshadow Palette

Two things were very clear when Hegai & Esther started working on this Eyeshadow palette, they wanted to present a collection of earthy tones and bright hues that would appeal to the young at heart. Hence shades of yellow, blue, green, bronze, red, purple, and other exciting colors.

Hegai & Esther Home Pride Eyeshadow Palette

While conceptualizing Home Pride Hegai & Esther wanted to put together colours that depict the true essence of the Nigerian spirit – hope, resilience and patriotism. Hence a collection of golds, greens, blues, browns and other exciting vibrant colors, comprising of three textures, matte, shimmer and wet diamond. Home Pride will enable you to create all sorts of looks ranging from simple nude eyes to dramatic eyes!

Juvia’s Place The Festival Palette

Not for the faint of heart, The Festival is a bold and fiery collection of 9 stunning shades, including bold coral, show-stopping red, and glittery neutrals. High-pigment hues and a healthy dose of shimmer make this eyeshadow palette the perfect complement to every makeup look, and for any goddess that knows how to march to the beat of her own drum.

Juvia’s Place The Saharan II Palette

The Saharan II is a Moroccan inspired eyeshadow palette that contains metallic, duo chrome and matte shades. Extremely pigmented, each shadow is designed for easy blending, high impact finishes and to create a range of day to night eye looks.

Mood Beauty Pro 1 Eyeshadow Palette

Looking for the ultimate palette to fit all moods? Say no more. This palette contains 35 show-stopping colours perfect for creating every look imaginable – from bright and bold to sultry and smokey. Featuring a mix of metallic, matte, shimmery and satin finishes, this highly pigmented palette is the ultimate one stop shop for every makeup lover.

Mood Beauty Arusha Eyeshadow Palette

Fancy a golden smokey eye? Or even a warm, neutral look? Then Arusha is the palette for you. Featuring 15 colours from deep, rich browns to sparkly bronzes and shimmery reds, this is the ultimate palette for creating any warm-toned look. Inspired by the Tanzanian town known for its coral sunset and golden safaris, we set out to create the perfect palette with all the warm, rich colours you could ask for. Thank us later!

Mood Beauty Bo-Kaap Eyeshadow Palette

This palette is every colour lover’s dream. Inspired by the historic neighbourhood in Cape Town known for its rows of bright, colourful houses, this palette features 15 bold, highly pigmented shades with the perfect matte finish. From colours like Kitoko, the ultimate hot pink, to Envy, a dark rich green, the Bo-Kaap palette is here to help you create every show-stopping look you can imagine.

Yanga Beauty Arielle Eyeshadow Palette

Arielle is an eyeshadow palette made of carefully selected 8 shimmery and 7 matte highly pigmented colors, which are conscientiously named to depict every good and beautiful experience you desire in life. This palette also includes our retractable gel liner pencil called Eyetitude in black or white, made with the finest ingredients. it has been tested and is trusted to be safe for  eye use and a perfect compliment for your eyeshadow looks.

Nuban Beauty Wishes 18 Color Eyeshadow Palette

Nuban Beauty 18 color eye shadow palette featuring six (6) very pigmented matte colors, a mixture of twelve (12) gorgeously unique duo-chromes & metallic pigments!

Ewaronke Twinkle And Glitz 35 Pro Palette (35T)

Ewaronke Twinkle and Glitz Eyeshadow Palette comes with 35 amazing pans of which there are 8 pressed glitters, 6 shimmer shades, 8 semi-shimmer shades and 13 matte shades

House Of Tara Palette Hajia Gambo Sawaba

This 12 colour eyeshadow palette from House of Tara contains a beautiful selection of shimmery/metallic colours.

House of Tara Queen Nana II Palette

Inspired by the Courageous Queen Nana Yaa Asantewa of Ghana, this eyeshadow palette has rich 16 vibrant colors that are guaranteed to take you on a journey that will stroke a fire of confidence in your looks, let go of your inhibitions because You Only Live Once.