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13 Essential Makeup Tools You Must Have

makeup tools

There have been many makeup tools and accessories needed for complete makeup. Whether you are a professional or beginner they are various ones to opt-in for. We are aware of the wide range of beauty tools available, but we have gone the extra mile to list out a few that are absolutely crucial to your makeup collection. yippee!!


So if you are confused about the various makeup tools, here is a list of must-have makeup tools with images:

Blending sponge: Blending sponges are used for flawless and even coverage. A makeup blending sponge can be used to apply foundation, concealer, highlighter, and contouring sticks – obviously, we recommend cleaning thoroughly each time you apply a product.

nubanbeauty black 600x600
13 Essential Makeup Tools You Must Have 30
SPONGE SET nubanbeautyspongeset
Nuban Beauty Pro Blending Sponge Set

Foundation brush: Flawless coverage comes from the right product for your skin, but also the instrument used to apply it. This brush allows you to flawlessly apply your foundation in the right place for airbrush coverage.

tararoundedfoundationbrush 1200x1200 1 tararoundedfoundationbrush
House Of Tara Rounded Foundation Brush

Lash applicator: For a wink that slays all day, this beauty tool is a must-have. This is a convenient tool that makes applying false lashes easy and precise.

my lash applicator 600x600 mylashapplicator
My Lash Extensionz Lash Applicator
AOA Studio Eyelash Applicator

Eye shadow shields: This is the secret weapon you need to eliminate eye shadow fallout. So be Smudge-free with these eye shadow shields.

shadowshieldshegai2 600x600 shadowshieldshegai2
Hegai & Esther Shadow Shields

Handheld mirror: Obviously, you should know what this is for! you cannot do any makeup without a mirror.

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Eye pencil sharpener: This product was designed with razor-sharp blades to keep thick and thin cosmetic pencils perfectly sharpened, for that fleek eyebrow you desire.

sharpener Zaron Double Pencil Sharpener
Wet N Wild Dual Pencil Sharpener
zaronsharpener 1 600x600
Zaron Double Pencil Sharpener

Angle brow brush: This will help you when filling in your brows and getting that smokey eye.

zaronanglebrush 600x600 Zaron Angle Brush
Zaron Angled Brush

False eyelash case: This cutie will keep your lashes organized, tangle-free, and neat at every point to enable them it last much longer.

Pink Ribbon False Eyelash Case

Wipes: This makeup asset conveniently dissolves all traces of dirt, oil, and makeup for clear and healthy skin.

zaronwipes 600x600 Zaron Wipes
Zaron Makeup Remover Wipes
Neutrogena Makeup Remover Towelettes
Neutrogena Makeup Remover Towelettes

Powder brush: This is a brush must-have! This plush brush has soft, curved bristles that are perfect for picking up to just the right amount of powder for an even application.

elfpowderbrush2 600x600 ELF Studio Powder Application Brush
ELF Studio Powder Application Brush
Ecotools Retractable Kabuki Brush
Ecotools Retractable Kabuki Brush

Eyelash and brow wand: This helps Create the perfect brows and keep lashes full and lush. The spoolie brush head is great for grooming brows & combing through eyelashes also.

elflashandbrowwand 600x600 ELF Essential Eyelash & Brow Wand
ELF Essential Eyelash & Brow Wand
mascarawands 600x600
10pc Disposable Mascara Wands Set

Tool spray/cleaner: Very important ladies, you need to sanitize your makeup kit as often as possible to help keep your tools and makeup clean and bacteria-free at all times.

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Beauty Essentials By N’sure Natural Tool Spray

csbrushcleanerEyebrow razor: For perfectly lined brows, this comes in very handy. You need to trim those brows that are out of place for a flawless finish.
sharpener In Conclusion
Having these makeup tools makes it easier to apply your makeup. However, there are other tools available in makeup bags around the world but truth is, you don’t need them all. The above-highlighted tools are fundamental ones you need to have as a beginner or a professional. Visit to check out affordable ones that suit your needs. 

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