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Rubellite Cosmetics Safe Adhesive Lash Glue

Keep your false lashes in place with the Safe Adhesive Lash Glue from Rubellite Cosmetics!

Yanga Beauty Enlash Uju

Yanga Beauty Enlash 100% 3D Mink Lashes are carefully hand made to suit every natural eye shape.

Zaron Lash Glue

Provides a strong, long lasting hold for lashes!  

Wynkk Beauty Eyelash Adhesive

Looking for a lash glue that will give you a perfect hold?! Then look no further with the Wynkk Beauty Eyelash Adhesive!  

Yanga Beauty Enlash Ese

Yanga Beauty Enlash 100% 3D Mink Lashes are carefully hand made to suit every natural eye shape.  

Binwa Beauty Slick Adhesive Pen Clear

Apply lash glue just like you are applying eyeliner with the Binwa Slick Adhesive Pen!

Binwa Beauty Vibes Luxury Mink Lash

The Binwa Vibes lash is guaranteed to give you the right vibes! Its wispiness and layered edges will definitely help you achieve a sexy sultry and sexy look.  

Binwa Beauty Slick Adhesive Eyeliner – Black

Get perfect lashes in seconds! Introducing The  “SLICK DUO LINER” - A black felt tip adhesive eyeliner!

Nuban Beauty 5-In-One Luxury Silk Eyelashes

Be daring and unforgettable with Nuban Beauty Luxury Lashes made with 100% premium hair fibres!  

Nuban Beauty Eyelash Adhesive

Nuban Beauty Eyelash Adhesive is a fast-acting lash adhesive/glue. It dries within seconds for firm, long-lasting and water-resistant hold to ensure that your strip lashes stay flawless and perfect come rain, sweat or tears.

Ageless by Omoni 3D Mink Human Hair Lashes

Ageless by Omoni Faux Mink Lashes are the perfect finishing touch to any face beat!

Ryanne John Lash Debonder

A life saver when you can't get rid of the glue stuck on your  false lashes!

Ryanne John Lash Adhesive White

Your false lashes will stay put all day long with this amazing lash adhesive!  

Ryanne John 10-In-1 Bottom Strip Lashes

Perfect for makeup artists!

Salon Perfect Eyelash Demi Wispies Plum

These coloured eyelashes intensify the natural beauty of your own eye colour!

Bee Lashes Bandless False Eyelashes (#48)

Bee Lashes is the premium, stylish, innovative and exciting beauty brand offering a wide range of 100% sterilized human hair eye extensions. The lashes are affordable, re-usable, long lasting and light-weight!