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Cici Glam Pure Rose Water 100ML

Cici Glam Pure Rose Water is the 100% pure and organic skin beauty treatment your skin has been crying out for! Harness the power of rose petals extracts as a natural skin PH toner and organic calming aroma. 100% PURE ORGANIC MOROCCAN ROSE WATER Perfect for toning face, neck, eye area, dry skin, body and hair for balancing PH, acne prone skin, hand spots, dark marks, combination oily skin, and to overall balance skin as a botanical astringent and toner.

Cici Glam Pure Lavender Water 100ML

Cici Glam Pure Lavender Water is the 100% pure, calming, relaxing and harmonizing organic toner you have been yearning for! Rich in antioxidants, it keeps your body and mind healthy and emotions lulled into a relaxed state. Let Lavender’s healing properties help heal and nourish your skin, bringing relief to minor cuts, burns, or bug bites.

Ewaronke Creamy Hair Whip


Olori DamageBeGone Happy Hair Butter

  • Perfect for all protective hairstyles
  • Moisturizes dry & itchy scalp
  • Prevents dandruff & flakes
  • Gives hair a nice shine

KUI Tea Tree & Cinnamon Hair Cream

This hair cream is designed to add moisture to your hair without weighing it down. It also includes Vitamins A, K, E and F from Shea Butter, to help nourish your hair from root to tip. This Moisturising hair cream works exceedingly well just after a nice condition from the Kui Tea Tree & Cinnamon Conditioner.

Design Essentials Daily Moisturizing Lotion

DESIGN ESSENTIALS® NATURAL DAILY MOISTURIZING LOTION is a highly moisturizing conditioner for curls, waves, and coils.