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Beautyline by Didi Mini Mixing Pan

Mix your creamy products with ease with this solid flat surface stainless steel pan!

Beauty Essentials by N’Sure Cape

This cleanable cape is what you need to cover your delicate and expensive fabrics.

Every Drop The Original Beauty Spatula

Save up to 25% on every beauty bottle and jar by retrieving the trapped product inside with the Every Drop Beauty Spatula. Reusable and washable, Every Drop works on any shape size bottle or container. Every Drop’s silicon tip does not absorb like cotton swabs so use it as an applicator.

Glam Kitti Ultimate Mini Face Kit

Glam Kitti is a breakthrough beauty kit that allows you to keep a sample sized amount of makeup handy for touch ups.  Unlike pre-filled makeup palettes, the portable and reusable Glam Kitti allows you to customize what you want to carry with you from day to day and event to event. You can take this stylish case anywhere with you thanks to its ultra-slim size and lightweight body.  Glam Kitti can fit inside evening bags, small clutches and even in your back-pocket!