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5 Common Makeup Mistakes Ladies Make And How To Fix them!

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There are common mistakes ladies still make till date when it comes to making up and with makeup products. We have listed our top 5 below and how to fix them;

  1. Stretching the area around your eye to make the perfect wing – Pulling your eye back when putting on eyeliner not only can break down the sensitive skin and elasticity around your eye but you can also end up with a horribly uneven line or else you are a makeup genius. Therefore, using Post-its for stencils usually does the trick or let your eyes be relaxed when applying an eyeliner for a perfect wing.
  2. Drawing heavy lines on the entire brow – Tracing heavy lines on your entire brow shape can make it harder to blend, which means you’ll most likely end up with an unnatural shaped brows that don’t match your color at all. When it comes to your eyebrow, instead of drawing a harsh stroke and trying to blend with your finger, use an eyebrow brush and use small strokes on the bottom of your brow and brush upwards. The soft strokes will create an illusion of a fuller look without going overboard while a brush makes it worlds easier to blend.
  3. Applying lipstick to naked lips – Applying lipstick on your bare lips can actually make your lips more crusty and less luscious-looking. Instead, prep your lips with lip ointments or moisturizer then let it soak in while you do the rest of your makeup routine. After a few minutes, apply your lipstick. The added moisture will ensure your lipstick doesn’t wear off right away and it stays on much more smoothly and evenly.
  4. Throwing away your mascara too soon – A lot of us tend to toss our mascara once it starts getting too thick, making us loose/waste some of the products. We suggest you revive your mascara by putting two or three drops of a makeup seal solution in the tube and stir with your wand. The added moisture refreshes the formula, which means you’ll get a lot more usage out of it and your lashes will be much smoother and a lot less clumpy.
  5. Testing your foundations in the wrong spots – When you are on a quest to find the perfect foundation match for your skin, many smear a little on their hands or wrists for a quick test before buying. However, doing this can cause you to buy a shade that’s too dark on your face or doesn’t match your pigment. Instead, apply a little on your neck and on the outside of your cheek. Your neck color is usually a lighter hue, which means you’ll be less likely to buy a foundation that is too dark for your face (remember, it’s easier to brush a little more bronzer on your face than to try and lighten a darker formula).
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  1. Amanda says:

    So true, Tracing heavy lines on your entire brow shape can make it harder to blend

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