Reasons Behind The Confusion to Buy Diamonds

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Diamond is a form of Carbon arranged in a crystal structure. They are often called “The Girls Best Friend”. Their exquisite beauty and dazzling nature have made them a sought-after gem for weddings, anniversaries, and special occasions.

In this article, we delve into the reasons behind the confusion surrounding diamond buying and provide insights to help you navigate this intricate journey.

If you find it confusing to buy diamonds, you aren’t alone. It is a complex system that you need to learn so you aren’t ripped off. The carat mostly determines the cost, but what about inclusion? Wait, what? If all this sounds too out there for you, don’t worry because here’s a little guide.

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Certification and Education

First, any good diamond seller will take the time to educate you before letting you make a purchase. All you need to do is ask questions, and they will answer. If they can’t answer, get the hell out of there. Then you need to ask about certified and uncertified diamonds because some sellers offer both. See these insights on Shane Co. reviews to find out more about that. However, any diamonds actually worth buying will come with either GIA or IGI certificates.

The 4C’s Of Diamond

The 4C’s of diamonds are the four pillars that make diamonds more valuable in today’s market. These include; Carat, Cut, Colors, and Clarity. These C’s are what influence diamond characteristics. Carat simply denotes weight, Cut affects the brilliance and sparkle of a diamond, the colorless nature makes it more expensive, and Clarity denotes imperfection.

The Carat of a Diamond

All you hear is carat this and carat that when someone you know gets their hands on diamonds. But what do they mean? Well, most people think the carat of a diamond is its size. This is wrong, and the carat refers to the weight of the stone. 1 carat is 0.2 grams in weight. Logic dictates, though, that a bigger diamond is heavier. But the cut of the diamond can make stones of the same carat appear bigger or smaller, and there are visual aspects taken into account.

It’s Confusing to Buy Diamonds Based on Clarity

The carat can mean you pay a whole load of cash for a custom gift, but it’s not the only thing that sets the price. There’s also clarity, and there is a way to measure this. First, you can use your eye. A diamond that might as well be a stone from your yard will be visibly poor, known as having a piqué. A flawless diamond is considered “loupé clean,” meaning it’s clear. The wider range of clarity ranges from VVS1 to P3, where they denote the inclusions of the stone. What?

What the Hell is Inclusion?

Why are there things included in my diamond? Well, diamonds are formed deep underground, and they can develop inclusions. These are imperfections in the stone caused by a formation of other minerals that aren’t diamonds. Diamonds can have very, very small inclusions (VVS1, VVS2). Also, very small inclusions (VS1, VS2). Finally, they can have small inclusions (S1, S2). The more inclusions there are, the cheaper the diamond might be, and vice versa.

Cuts, Colors, and Shapes

Diamonds aren’t naturally shiny, and they need to be cut to make them refract light more for a better sparkle. The cut can have a dramatic effect on how sparkly your diamond is, so always consider it carefully before buying or when ordering. Diamonds also range from colorless to yellow. Colorless diamonds are more expensive, but this can be a personal preference. Then there’s the shape. You can get diamonds in all shapes, such as rounded, oval, and even heart.

The Emotional Aspect of Diamond Buying

Diamonds aren’t just commodities; they hold a rare qualities such as being durable and longevity. This characteristics makes it valuable as gift or present. Asides from that, it can symbolize a symbol of love when used to signify your relationship. Marketing, cultural norms, and personal feelings can strongly influence purchasing decisions.


Check for certified tones to make it less confusing to buy diamonds worth the money. Of course, there is also the clarity of the stone to consider, and cut, color, and shape can affect the cost.