Finding The Best Facial Products For Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, it might be difficult to manage it because studies have shown that people with this skin type suffer a range of skin conditions such as rashes, inflammation, irritation, discoloration, and so on. In fact, people with sensitive skin have reactions towards fragrances, dyes, and alcohol.

All these make it difficult for people with sensitive skin to manage their skin even when selecting the right facial products for sensitive skin.

According to research, 60-70% of women and 50-60% are proven to have sensitive skin.

In this article, we are exploring the nitty-gritty of the world of facial products suitable for sensitive skin and the skincare routine for them.


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Understanding Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is a very common skin condition which means when your skin reacts easily to factors like itching, drying, and redness. People with sensitive skin might have to seek the service of a dermatologist to assist them with their unique needs.

How To Know If You Have Sensitive Skin On The Face

There are several sensitive skins. Below is the list of signs of sensitive skin;

  • Consistent redness
  • Flaky patches
  • Swelling
  • Peeling skin
  • Rashes 
  • Sunburns
  • Frequent breakouts

It is important to be aware of these signs so as to tailor your skincare routine towards it.

Why Use Specialized Facial Products for Sensitive Skin

Specialized facial products are designed with easiness and gentleness in mind. This is why, it’s important to avoid regular skincare routine if you have sensitive skin. I must also add that these specialized products keep your skin at its best and reduce all the conditions sensitive skin is meant to have.

Key Ingredients To Look Out For

Whenever you’re shopping for sensitive skincare products, there are certain ingredients you need to look out for, which include;

  • Ceramides: A type of lipids that keep the skin hydrated. Ceramides are naturally produced in the skin.  Using a product containing ceramides actually helps your skin replace lost ceramides.
  • Niacinamide: A form of Vitamin B3 found in food such as cereals, meat, milk, green vegetables, fish, and so on. It is usually used by the skin to replace worn-out tissues.
  • Aloe Vera: This plant is one of the most widely used herbal medicines for skin conditions. Skincare products containing aloe vera are known for soothing skin irritation. 
  • Hyaluronic acids: It helps to keep the skin hydrated, reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it has the ability to treat eczema and psoriasis.
  • Chamomile: This herbal tea is made to reduce inflammation of the skin. However, skincare products containing Chamomile are known to reduce dehydration, treat acne, and repair sensitive skin. This can be attributed to its anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, and anti-microbial characteristics.

Ingredients To Avoid For Sensitive Skin

As an individual with sensitive skin, try as much as possible to avoid the following products on your skin

  • Fragrrances
  • Alcohols
  • Harsh exfoliants

It all burns down to reading product ingredients before applying them to your skin.

Top 7 Facial Products For Sensitive Skin

The following are dermatologically recommended facial skincare products for sensitive skin.

1. Cerave SA Smoothing Cleanser

Cerave SA Smoothing CleanserCerave SA Smoothing Cleanser 236ml helps to alleviate rough and bumpy skin texture, leaving skin feeling smoother. The Salicylic Acid in the formula gently exfoliates the skin, without compromising the skin’s natural barrier. Developed with dermatologists, this daily foaming cleanser helps protect the skin’s natural barrier with three essential ceramides and hydrates the skin with Hyaluronic Acid.  

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2. Advanced Clinicals Collagen Skin Rescue Lotion

collagen skin rescue lotionAdvanced Clinicals Collagen Skin Rescue Lotion is a revolutionary skin treatment for those looking for extra hydration and rejuvenation. This lotion delivers advanced skincare that replenishes natural levels of collagen, helping to lift and firm the skin’s appearance. Soothing post-treatment, this lotion helps alleviate irritation, ensuring your skin is left feeling soft and supple.

The secret lies in its powerful combination of ingredients. Advanced Clinicals Collagen Skin Rescue Lotion contains rich Vitamin B5 to help moisturize your skin, keeping it looking younger for longer, as well as antioxidant-rich Green Tea Extract to help defend against environmental damage.

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3.  Vanicream Gentle Facial Cleanser

This facial cleanser is specifically formulated for daily facial use. It removes makeup and excess skin oils without drying your skin.Vanicream Gentle Facial Cleanser

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4. Aveeno Calm + Restore Nourishing Oat Cleanser 

It is a milky cleanser for sensitive skin, containing nourishing oats & calming feverfew to hydrate & preserve the skin’s moisture barrier.

Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, this cleanser is free of harsh chemicals and is non-comedogenic, so it won’t clog your pores. It’s also hypoallergenic and fragrance-free, making it perfect for those with sensitive skin or allergies. Aveeno Calm + Restore Nourishing Oat Cleanser

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5. La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume B5 40ml

It soothes and protects the whole family’s sensitive or irritated skin. It can be used on all kinds of everyday skin irritations and minor injuries and is ideal for use on sensitive skin.

Use on:
– Chapped lips
– Dry or cracked skin
– Skin tightness
– Minor everyday injuries caused by daily aggressions
– Sensitive and irritated baby skin.

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6. Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream Very Dry Sensitive Skin

This is the perfect way to restore and maintain healthy skin. This moisturizer provides intense hydration that relieves dryness, leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth, and nourished. This unique formula allows you to enjoy the immediate relief of moisture while also providing long-term balance. 

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7. Cerave PM Facial Moisturising Lotion For Normal to Dry Skin

cerave facial moisturizing lotionThis is an ultra-lightweight lotion formulated to moisturize sensitive skin that is normal to dry and protect the skin barrier.

With 3 naturally occurring ceramides and Hyaluronic Acid which are essential in supporting the skin barrier and retaining moisture.

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Types of Facial Products for Sensitive Skin

These products are made to provide gentle care and avoid irritants that can trigger the sensitivities of the skin. They are classified into

  1. Gentle Cleansers: They are products that are not too harsh on the skin but give the skin its necessary moisture. Gentle cleansers actually range from micellar water, cream cleansers, and hypoallergenic cleansers.
  2. Sunscreens: It’s ideal to look for broad-spectrum, mineral-based sunscreens or sunscreens with SPF 30 or higher to protect your sensitive skin from UV light.
  3. Hypoallergenic moisturizer: Try to opt for this kind of moisturizer as it helps to lock in moisture and provides extra hydration to the skin.

Choosing The Right Facial Products For Sensitive Skin

Especially in Nigeria, whenever you’re choosing the right facial product for your sensitive skin. Always ensure that you consider the following factors

  • Reading product labels: When shopping for skincare products for sensitive skin, always make sure that you have the above-highlighted ingredients making up the product.
  • Dermatologist Recommendation: Whenever you are unsure of the product to go for. It’s advisable that you seek expert advice from a dermatologist so that they can recommend the best product for your skin type.

Additional Tips for Sensitive Skin Care

Your lifestyle could also have an impact on your sensitive skin. Factors such as stress, and lack of sleep could impact your sensitive skin’s health. Also, be cautious of alcohol and fragrance products as they could cause some reactions to your skin.

Skincare Routine for Sensitive Skin On The Face

Establishing a daily skincare routine can help maintain your skin’s health. The skin can become sensitive at any point in time due to certain factors like environmental factors, and allergies. A typical skincare routine for sensitive skin involves;

  • Cleansing

Applying a gentle facial cleanser to the face using cotton wool can help remove dirt or oil from the face.

  • Applying Serums

Look out for serums containing hyaluronic acids or glycerin as they help in keeping the skin hydrated.

  • Moisturising

Look out for non-comedogenic moisturizers from brands like Cetaphil, Aveeno, Cerave, La-Roche Posay, Simple, and Neutrogena. These moisturizers are known for bridging the barrier between the sensitive skin and the environmental aggressors like pollution and wind. Check out some of the moisturizers at our online store.

  • Sun Protection

UV light from the sun can damage the skin barrier thereby making it more sensitive. So, it’s recommended to go for sunscreens with high SPF. You might want to check some available ones at our store


Remember that everyone’s skin is different, so what works for you may not work for another person. Selecting the right facial product for your sensitive skin, maintaining a consistent skincare routine, and understanding the unique skin needs can actually have a positive impact on your skin. Ensure you consider seeking a dermatologist’s opinion and checking the ingredients on the product banner before making a buying decision.