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How To Make Your Eyebrows Picture Perfect!

dimma umeh

Believe it or not but your eyebrows play a crucial role in balancing your features  and framing your eyes so it is essential that we master the art of grooming and shaping them like a pro.

Here are simple steps you can follow to get the natural-looking eyebrows you’ve always dreamed of!


  1. Eyebrow pencil
  2. Brow powder/eyeshadow
  3. Eyebrow wand
  4. Angled eyeliner brush
  5. Blending brush
  6. Concealer in shade lighter than your skintone


  • Let your eyebrows grow out for a month
  • Understand the three key points that will help you determine what your perfect brow shape is – Start of brow, The Arch & End of brow
  • The Start of brow should be in line with your nostrils. Hold a brush/pencil vertically against the side of your nose so its tip rests on your forehead. Your brows should start where the edge of the bristles lands.
  • Finding where the arch should be is very important. Take the brush/pencil again and line it up with the outer section of your nostril (closest to the cheek). Then angle it outwards so that it aligns with the centre of your eye at the pupil. Where the brush meets your brow is your arch.
  •  To find the end of your brow, hold the brush/pencil diagonally from your outer nostril to the outer corner of your eye. Where it intersects with your brow is where your eyebrow should end.


princessa tweezers 600x600
Princessa Precision Slant Tweezers – N1400

Now that you’ve found your natural shape, you can proceed to groom your brows using your preferred method (tweezing, blade, waxing etc).  If you decide to tweeze, always pluck in the direction of hair growth to prevent ingrown hairs. Try not to pluck hair above brows as this can alter your natural shape.


  • Start off by making sure your eyebrow area is free of excess oils.
Black Opal Invisible Oil Blocking Pressed Powder
Black Opal Invisible Oil Blocking Pressed Powder – N1800
  • Use a brow pencil to fill in your eyebrows. Use light, gentle strokes so it has a more natural look.
tarabrowpencils 600x600 1
House Of Tara Eyebrow Pencil- N1100
  • Follow up with a brow powder/eyeshadow in the same color tone as your brow pencil to create more definition.
zaronbrowdefinernew 600x600 1
Zaron Eyebrow Definer (New)- N2045
  • Use an angled brow brush to apply a concealer in a shade lighter than your skin-tone to define the top and bottom of your brows.
Ecotools Eye Enhancing Duo Brush Set
Ecotools Eye Enhancing Duo Brush Set- N4000
LA Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer
LA Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer- N1500
  • Finish off with a clear brow mascara to define and set your eyebrows keeping it neat and in place all day long.
elf gloss mascara 600x600
ELF Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara- N2000

Now watch as Makeup guru thatigbochick shows us how it’s done!

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