7 Best Anti-Ageing Creams in Nigeria

The desire for youthful looks among women in Nigeria has suddenly increased. This has led to a high demand of anti-aging creams.

As we get older, the skin wrinkles due to the fact that the elastin and collagen break down in the skin. Asides from the fact that getting older causes aging, alcohol intake, smoking, and stress among others cause pre-mature aging as well. We would take a closer look at the possible cause of aging in the article.

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What is ageing?

This is a progressive decline in the ability of the body to function and repair tissues leading to a higher susceptibility to diseases. I must also add, that it is an inevitable and natural process among humans. Before we get into the main point of this discussion, let me quickly brush you through the possible cause of aging.

Causes of Ageing

Below are some key factors that contribute to aging in women.

  1. Lifestyle: An individual way of life can cause ageing. These lifestyle factors include; smoking, stress, poor diet, and alcohol consumption can influence pre mature ageing in women.
  2. Hormonal factor:  When there is a decrease in the female reproductive hormone called Oestrogen, this can lead to ageing.
  3. Genetic factor: Genetic predisposition can lead to aging. That is certain genes can influence the development of age-related diseases.
  4. Exposure to the sun: Exposure to ultraviolet rays can cause premature aging of the skin compared to when the skin would age naturally. UV light damages the skin cells and it can result in cancer of the skin.

These are a few of the factors that we can highlight. There are other factors that contribute to ageing in women.

How To Reduce Premature Aging in Women

  1. Avoid sun exposure by wearing sunscreen with at least SPF 30, using sunshades, wearing protective clothes, and sometimes using an umbrella to prevent your skin from sun damage.
  2. Exercise frequently, if not every day at least be consistent with exercise because it helps improve blood circulation and boost your body’s immune system.
  3. Avoid taking alcohol and smoking. Reduce your alcohol intake and stop smoking as soon as possible.
  4. Stay hydrated: Proper hydration improves skin elasticity and the overall functioning of the body system.
  5. Consume a well-balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, proteins, and healthy fats.
  6. Get sufficient sleep: Ensure that you sleep 7-9 hours per night. For people that stay in Lagos environs, I would recommend 9 hours daily because of stress.
  7. Lastly, learn to manage stress. Adopt stress management techniques such as yoga, meditation, and deep breathing exercise to reduce stress levels.

Popular Anti-Ageing Cream Brands in Nigeria

Many skincare brands that produce anti-ageing creams have positioned themselves in the Nigerian market, with international names like Advanced Clinicals, Beauty Formulas, Face Facts, Olay, and Neutrogena leading the pack.

However, local brands like Tamed Lux are also making a mark, offering products tailored to the specific skin needs of Nigerians.

Ingredients to Look for in Anti-Ageing Creams

When buying anti-ageing creams, there are key ingredients to look out for. They include retinol, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and peptides. These ingredients are known to help reduce wrinkles, and improve skin elasticity.

How to Choose the Right Anti-Ageing Cream for Your Skin Type

Choosing a suitable anti-ageing cream involves understanding your skin type. For oily skin, lightweight, non-comedogenic formulas are ideal. Dry skin types may benefit from creams rich in hydrating ingredients. It’s advisable to consult a dermatologist for personalized advice.

It’s also advisable to read reviews of products before you pay for any anti-ageing cream inorder to get value for your money as they are many of them out there.

Best Anti Ageing Creams In Nigeria

Below are some of the affordable anti-ageing creams that we recommend

COSRX Advanced Snail 92 All in One Cream 100g

Beauty Formulas Retinol Anti-Ageing Moisturiser

Face Facts Collagen & Q10 Body Lotion

Balance Active Hyaluronic Deep Moisture Serum

Beauty Formulas Retinol Anti-Ageing Serum

Face Facts Ceramide Repairing Serum Cream

Advanced Clinicals Vitamin C Advanced Brightening Cream

Lianor Beauty Goat Milk Lotion

The Role of Anti-Ageing Creams in Skincare Routines

It’s important to note that hydrated skin is healthy skin. Anti-ageing creams play a crucial role in skincare routines by providing hydration, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and preventing premature skin ageing. They are typically used after cleansing and toning but before moisturizing.

When To Start an Anti-Ageing Skincare Routine

There is no ideal time to start anti-ageing skincare routine. According to experts, it’s recommended to start early like between your 20s and 30s before you start to age naturally. While the ageing process can be inevitable, taking proactive steps before the appearance of wrinkles or any visible signs can delay the process.

Understanding the Science Behind Anti-Ageing Creams

Anti-ageing creams work by delivering active ingredients like Hyaluronic and Hydroxyl acids, Peptides, that boost collagen production, improve cell turnover and hydrate the skin. Some also contain SPF to protect against the ageing effects of sun exposure.

The Impact of Climate on the Effectiveness of Anti-Ageing Creams in Nigeria

High humidity can enhance the absorption of these creams, but excessive heat can degrade some active ingredients. Therefore, proper storage and usage are crucial.

The Cost of Anti-Ageing Creams: Is It Worth It?

While some anti-ageing creams can be pricey, many consumers find them worth the investment due to their potential benefits. However, it’s vital to note that a higher price of anti-ageing cream doesn’t always equate to better quality.

DIY Anti-Ageing Creams: A Viable Option in Nigeria?

Some Nigerians are turning to Do It Yourself (DIY) anti-ageing creams using natural ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, and essential oils. While this can be a cost-effective alternative, it’s essential to research thoroughly to avoid potential skin irritations.

Addressing Common Concerns and Misconceptions about Anti-Ageing Creams

Misconceptions about anti-ageing creams often revolve around their side effects. It’s essential to understand that while these creams can delay signs of ageing, they are not miracle cures. Note that ageing is an inevitable process. Also, side effects are usually minimal if the product is used as directed.

The Future of Anti-Ageing Creams in the Nigerian Market

The future of anti-ageing creams in Nigeria appears promising, with an increasing number of consumers prioritizing skincare. Technological advancements and innovative formulations will likely continue to drive market growth.

Ethical Considerations in the Production of Anti-Ageing Creams

It’s essential for consumers to consider the ethical aspects of anti-ageing creams, including animal testing, environmental impact, and fair trade practices. Many brands are now focusing on sustainable and ethical production methods.

Regulatory Policies on Anti-Ageing Creams in Nigeria

Regulatory policies ensure the safety and efficacy of anti-ageing creams. In Nigeria, the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) oversees these regulations, ensuring that all skincare products meet set standards.

Summing Up

The landscape of anti-ageing creams in Nigeria is dynamic and evolving. As consumers become more informed, the demand for high-quality, ethical, and effective products is set to rise.