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The brand was inspired by owns journey towards having a healthy skin and being confident in my own skin.We create luxury face and body care products using safe,natural and organic ingredients.

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  • Oreke By Dami Clay Detox Powder

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    Detox powders have been formulated to thoroughly cleanse the pores thus minimizing their appearance – this will not only translate to a gradual reduction in the production of oil (which also means less breakouts) but will also help refine skin(tone) overtime and help tighten skin.
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  • Oreke By Dami Face Scrub

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    Made with organic cane sugar and coffee grains in a base of Sweet Almond oil, our Glow Srub is gentle (for all skin types) but also effective at loosening dead skin that accumulate over time and potentially give the skin a dull appearance.
    Consistent use will help gradually treat pigmentation, fade discoloration and spots, as well as gradually reveal healthy, luminous, glowing skin.
    This product is also suitable for use on the body.
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