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Hegai & Esther 85% Isopropyl Alcohol

The Hegai & Esther 85% Isopropyl Alcohol functions well to inhibit the growth and reproduction of many microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and viruses, that can easily grow on makeup products. It can be decanted into fine mist spray bottle, making it easy to disinfect makeup products and tools on the go. It is also used to clean tools like spatulas, tweezers, scissors, cosmetic sharpener, and eyelash curlers. 250ml

Beauty Essentials by N’sure Natural Tool Spray

This natural toolspray from Beauty Essentials by Nature disinfects makeup brushes in little or no time. It is ideal for individuals that are extremely busy and cannot deep clean their brushes.

Magic Collection Makeup Brush Dry Clean Sponge

Dry clean sponge gently removes makeup pigment residue quickly without changing brushes!  

Eedas Atelier Brush Drying Rack

The Eadas Atelier Brush Drying Rack will make your brush cleaning easier by keeping your brush bristles in perfect shape!