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Nigerian Owned Makeup brands to Watch!

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Lots of Nigerian owned makeup brands to watch out for!

But first, lets take a moment to appreciate the geniuses of Tara and Banke Meshida-Lawal, women who blazed the makeup trail by creating a profitable business out of makeup in Nigeria. In the last decade beauty and makeup industries in Nigeria have taken a big leap from retailing foreign owned makeup brands to producing Nigerian owned makeup products of international quality.  Together these women have excelled in this field and other women are following suit. Below are a list if some of the brands to look out for in 2017.

Elsa Pro – ElsasPRO trades under the name elsasPRO Nigeria Limited founded by Mrs Amaka Okeke, a beauty practitioner for over 10 years. This brand has gone to great lengths in researching the market, developing brilliant products, while using finest materials and in adherence to international standards.

Blot Beauty -This makeup brand is from the owner of Gifty’s Daughter and its one of the fore runners in the makeup retail business before she eventually launched her Blot Beauty brand. They have a wide range of products such as lipsticks, liquid lipsticks, eyebrow definers, primers, and more.

Kayge cosmetics – This Port-Harcort based brand is known for their interesting collection of lippies for women of color. They recently launched a new collection of Lipsticks named after the renowned  Abuja based makeup artist Mamza beauty.

Trim and prissy – This Abuja based makeup brand is referred to as luxurious and high end. Aphro Di’Ja was recently unveiled as the brand ambassador. The colors are refreshing yet sultry for the discerning woman.

Hagai and Esther – This brand took us all by surprise. From revolutionalizing the eye brow pomade, which is one of her most popular products, this lady has gone on to produce her range of makeup hygiene products and very recently, her line of H&E foundations.

Hush Beauty – This eye shadow brand is dope!! A perfect dupe for BH and Morphe cosmetics palette. She has given us reason to believe that Nigerian can actually create good and outstanding products.

Nuban Beauty – We knew this lady wasn’t playing when her blenders became even more popular than the original beauty blenders. Its so soft and easy to work with.

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