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Easy to achieve eye brow tutorial for beginners

Brows layefa

I have a personal saying that your brows literally make the difference between looking like “street” or “class“. The singular act of drawing your brows is so important in defining your face, if you haven’t mastered how to draw it properly, you’re probably better off with your natural brows. No one wants to look like they borrowed someone else’s brows and plastered it on their face 🙂

The good news is that any and everyone can master how to work with their brows regardless of how full or scanty it is. Layefa Beauty takes us through a beginner’s step by step tutorial video of how to achieve natural looking brows especially for those with scanty eye brows.

You’l need;

  1. A primer (As a base to keep it all day and avoid it from getting oily)
  1. A brow pencil
  2. A spooly
  3. An angled brush
  4. A blending brush
  5. A brow filler
  6. Concealer

Learn and enjoy;

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