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Beauty on a Budget!!!

We all love affordable things right? Well, if you live in Nigeria, I’m sure you are hunting down only the products you can afford with this current economy. My sister, you’re not alone. So today, we will be sharing a list of affordable products that wont make your pocket bleed and also give you your desired makeup finishing. Ooh yes! they are all available on our website; .

Here are some very affordable good products you do not want to miss;

Milani Compact Powder- N3500
Zaron Mattifying Powder – N3850
Black Opal Total Coverage Concealing Foundation – N3000
Milani 2-In-1 Foundation Concealer – N4500
House Of Tara Contour Kit (With Brush) – N2000
Davis Eyeliner & Lipliner Pencil (No 003) – N150

House Of Tara Eyebrow Pencil – N1100

House Of Tara Volume Boosting Mascara (Black)- N2000

LA Girl PRO Smoothing Face Primer – N2500
Zaron Eyeshadow Primer (Nude) – N1925
Zaron Lip Gloss (Ultrashine) -N1685
Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick-N1700
LA Colors 5 Colour Matte Eyeshadow – N1500
Makeup Revolution Protection Palette – N2200
Ecotools Bamboo 6 Piece Brush Set -N5000

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