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Happy Democracy Day + an inspirational message from Linda Ikeji

In the spirit of nationality, i would like to wish us all a happy democracy day, we might not be where we want to be as a Nation, but we are definitely not where we used to be. While i was putting my notes together for this piece, i thought about how the majority of Nigerians are struggling, prices of everything has multiplied, there are still no jobs, big organisations are downsizing and so .

Boss Lady Linda Ikeji Invites you to the Selfmade Conference

Foremost Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji of lindaikejisblog.com is hosting the 3rd edition of “I’d rather be Selfmade“. The conference is open to all women; aspiring and established entrepreneurs, corporate sector, students, and basically any woman that has a desire to create value, enjoy fulfilment and have a better quality life. Linda has been on a movement to empower, inspire and challenge ladies to take a bold move and work towards their dreams. Till date, .