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  • Elf Lash & Brow Wand

    ELF Essential Eyelash �..


    Create the perfect brows and keep lashes full and lush with the Elf Eyelash & Brow Wand.

    The spooley brush head helps to define lashes and remove clumps after mascara application. It also aids in brow contouring to create perfectly coiffed, elegantly shaped eyebrows.

  • elfangledeyelinerbrush

    Elf Studio Angled Eyeline..


    This synthetic haired brush is soft, absorbent and can be used with wet or dry products.  For best results, clean or wipe brush after each use.


  • Ecotools Eye Enhancing Duo Brush Set

    Ecotools Eye Enhancing Du..


    Four makeup brushes condensed into two, freeing up space in your makeup bag and making transformations from day to night a breeze. Each end of the makeup brushes has a description on how to use it. Shade & Define Brush: Apply shadow all over the lid with the shading brush then flip it over and use the defining brush to add contour to the eyes. Blend & Smudge Brush: Blend eyeshadow to eliminate harsh lines with the blending brush, and use the smudge brush to create soft definition along the lash line. Synthetic bristles are cruelty free. Experience the incredibly soft touch of cruelty-free bristles EcoTools beauty solutions promote Living Beautifully! We are inspired by beauty inside and out, and in the world around us. While we always want to look our best, we feel even better when we can make earth-conscious choices. EcoTools remains a favorite of celebrities, beauty editors and women around the world. Best known for our incredibly soft cosmetic brushes and handles, we take pride in offering a collection of cosmetic makeup brushes, hairbrushes, lashes and bath products that feature innovative, materials. Our includes natural materials, reusable pouches, post-consumer recycled paper and plastic, and recyclable packaging. The eco pouch is phthalate-free and PVC-free. Cleaning your Makeup Brushes Unclean makeup brushes transfer old makeup, germs, and bacteria to your skin each time you use them. Ideally, you should wash them once a week, and here’s the best way how: Run the bristles of makeup brush under warm running water. Careful not to get the ferrules and handles wet. Apply a drop of gentle shampoo or clarifying cleanser to bristles and work into a light lather. Rinse bristles thoroughly under warm, running water. Continue rinsing until water runs clear. Use a cloth to absorb excess water and reshape the bristles Lay your makeup brushes flat or “handles up” to air dry

  • eaOuterVbrush

    Eedas Atelier Outer-V Bru..


    This novel brush style features a small dome shape with firm bristles. Created specially for Outer-V detailed application. Helps to stop colour from getting all over the under eye area.

    As loved by Makeup Mogul, Banke Meshida of BM|Pro!

  • eaLiner

    Eedas Atelier Eye Liner B..


    Pointed slim brush, used for precision eye lining as testified by Makeup Mogul, Banke Meshida of BM|Pro.


  • Japonesque Glitz and Glam Brush Set

    Japonesque Glitz and Glam..


    Japonesque Glitz and Glam Brush Set helps you create the perfect look anywhere, anytime. Hot pink-colored application brushes apply your makeup with ease and versatility for radiantly flawless coverage, contouring and definition. A glittering makeup clutch helps you take this hand set with you to work, the gym or when traveling.


  • Japonesque 5 Piece Brush Set

    Japonesque 5 Piece Brush ..


    This unique set includes a foundation brush, a lip brush, two eye detailers and a blush/powder brush. All brushes feature a short matte wand for superior control. A great multi-tasking set ideal for the purse, desk drawer or as a gift.

  • Ecotools Bamboo 6 Piece Brush Set

    Ecotools Bamboo 6 Piece B..


    EcoTools is the original collection of eco-conscious beauty and bathing products featuring earth-friendly materials and packaging. Turn your daily beauty routine a new shade of green with Ecotools.

    Set includes

    1. Blush Brush x1 17cm
    2. Eye Shading Brush
    3. Eyeliner Brush
    4. Lash & Brow Groomer
    5. Concealer Brush
    6. Cosmetic Brush Roll