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  • Essence, The Black Woman's Guide To Healthy Living

    The Black Woman’s G..


    From the African-American community’s trusted authority, “Essence Guide to Healthy Living”, is an interactive manual designed to help black women care for their bodies, minds and spirits. Covering both major health issues such as diabetes and heart disease and tackling everyday concerns from weight loss to balancing work and life, this handy guide has a reader-friendly tone, actionable service and chapters packed with checklists, inspiring real-life examples, space for journal entries and worksheets for readers to execute their own personal wellness plans. Developed with expert advice from leading physicians, nutritionists, fitness instructors, psychologists, spiritual gurus and other healthcare expert.

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  • 6 Minute Morning Arms Exercise & Fitness Book

    6 Minute Morning Arms Exe..


    6 Minute Morning Arms by Lucy Wyndham-Read is the ideal exercise routine if you’re short of time, this daily mini workout targets the key areas of your upper body. It will banish any wobble from your arms, tone your shoulders, and define and strengthen your back.

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  • Learn How To Belly Dance: DVD + CD

    Learn How To Belly Dance:..


    This instructional video teaches bellydancers how to strengthen and tone their bodies and obtain a heart-healthy cardio workout all while learning to incorporate the sensual use of a veil into their dances.

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  • Women’s Fitness Guide t..


    If you are looking to get fit, firm and fabulous in your own front room, the new Tone Up At Home MagBook from Women’s Fitness is your ultimate home toning companion. Full of easy, effective 10-minute workouts, this plan will get you looking and feeling your best in no time.

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  • 1001 Ways To Get In Shape

    1001 Ways To Get In Shape..


    Discover how positive thinking can help you get in shape and learn to boost your happiness and self-confidence. Plus, find quick-fix healthy recipes, pampering products and motivational diet tips.

    Nothing radical, punishing or expensive: just bite-sized tips for getting in shape, feeling fantastic and staying that way.

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  • The One-Minute Workout By..


    Who has time to exercise? Most people have full time jobs, families to care for, and countless other commitments. While most successful fitness books require a large time commitment for working out. The One Minute Workout provides a results-oriented program that is easy to understand, execute, and -best of all-breaks the drills down into 1 minute intervals to fit into any schedule.

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